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Vasi Siedman, Photographer and Artist

Photography for me is much more than looking through a lens and clicking a button.  It is about having the vision to see what isn’t there, and rediscovering it through expression.  I have always had a passion for capturing timeless moments and creating memories. 

Photography is part of my DNA.  I am a third generation photographer from Bulgaria dating all the way back to my grandfather, who was a photographer on the front lines of the
Second World War. 

I have taken the reins and would love the opportunity to create that special vision
for your family and four-legged friends.


I truly enjoy pets and they bring so much joy to my profession and people.  Pets are our family.  We have several pictures of our family, but do we really have enough pictures of our fur babies?  Unfortunately, their lifespan is shorter than ours and we always want a memory keepsake.  

Pet photography is what sets me apart from any other, as it represents my unique ability and a keen eye for recognizing and capturing the pet’s personality through the art of my photography.


New Bulgarian University – Graphic Design
FPP – Theresa Saylor Award
PPGPB - Rising Star Award
FSA – Florida Service Award
FPP - Merit Portrait of Pet, Portrait of a child and Portrait of a Group

PPGPB - 1st and 2nd place portrait of a pet for 3 Competition in a roll 2016 / 2017

PPA – Professional Photographers of America
FPP – Florida Professional Photographers
PPGPB – Professional Photography Guild of the Palm Beaches

Locations served: Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, South Florida.